Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm spinning some organic merino right now. Working on a 3-ply. The fiber is the double fiber club from Spunky Eclectic in Twilight colorway. It was January's club fiber if I remember correctly. It's coming along nicely. The weight is coming out to about what I wanted. I had been only spinning bulky things on my wheel so I had to concentrate to spin something smaller. I also got a lazy kate to help with the plying and it really does help. It's not quite so green in real life. More teal and purple but it was night and dark.
Saturday I was working on hanging up clothes on the line to dry and I heard a buzz buzz. I look around warily. Buzz buzz. Looking for the bee or wasp. Buzz buzz. I realize it's following me and sounds muffled. Buzz buzz. Ack! It must be in my clothespin bag I have around my waist. Buzz buzz. I don't dare put my hand in there. Buzz buzz. Oh wait, it's in my pocket. It's my phone. D'oh!

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