Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This seems a good place to write down things I've been thinking of. Today is titles. Books I may write someday in the future.
Not Another Dead Fish

An Old Friend I met for the First Time.

That is all today.....

Monday, September 17, 2007

I can't believe it

It's hard to believe I haven't done a post in over a month. Let's see, I left off with my first week of July. The second week was unbelievable. I had agreed to administer a test in Denver. I administer the test given here but the one in Denver is so much bigger. I spent the whole week boggling at it. Here's a sample, here we have about 50 examinees, there was 800, here I've never hired more than 9 people to help me, there I had 56 people working for me, here we are sent 4 boxes of test materials, there it was at least 25. I had to hire 56 people that I mostly didn't know and half of them had never done it before. My sister and brother in law came through for me and let people know about the job and I hired quite a few through them. (They also worked for me). The test itself went well but it was so stressful. I hadn't asked them how much they pay and truthfully, if they had told me when I first agreed, I would have thought it was ok. Unfortunately, they should have paid me at least 3 times what I make for this one but it wasn't even double. I was very cranky at them and actually, last week I did the test here but I didn't prepare like I usually do and didn't really care. My bad.
Anyway, I'm now knitting the 2nd sock of my 3rd pair of socks and it's going well. Since it's nippy now I'm anxious to finish them. I now want to get a new pair of shoes to show off my fancy socks so maybe when I get paid again I'll trot myself down to the store to look for some. This is a small town so there are no "shoe" stores here but JC Penney might have a few things and at least they will have a catalog for me to look at.
I'm planning on going to my first fiber/wool festival in Taos NM the weekend of Oct 6-7. I'm excited. I won't have much money to spend but just to go is exciting. I think of friend of mine will be going too and my boys of course.