Thursday, April 17, 2008

Entertaining myself

Why, you ask, why? Why do I not post forever and then do 3 posts in one day? That's just how my mind works.
I have a book meme. "Borrowed" from mattress police

"1. Pick up the nearest book ( of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people & post a comment here once you post it to your blog, so I can come see.

The purpose of this meme is, in other words, to propagate complete gibberish across the Internet. I cannot express to you how thankful I am that someone has finally taken on that task."

The Lord Mayor now produced a further 1,000 for the fund. In recognition Scott promised to make Cardiff the Terra Nova's first port of call on his return. The Cardiff Chamber of Commerce gave a farewell banquet for the officers in wood-panelled rooms of the Royal Hotel.

I'm only tagging three bloggers because they are the only ones that I've talked to more than a brief comment and I've been reading them the longest of any blogs.
Quelle Erqsome
and A Good Yarn


I now have 171 blogs that I read through bloglines. (pardon that I have not updated my blogroll in a very long time) Why do I read them all? Why is the variety so eclectic? Let's see, knitting blogs, craft blogs, humor blogs, geography blogs, lolcats, yoga blogs, food blogs, US dept of state blog, farming, simple living, even 3 blogs that I write myself, maps and pictures and cartoons. What a strange person I am. Even I think I'm strange. I guess I'm looking for inspiration, looking for ideas. You never know where an idea will come from. You never know how an intersection of ideas will produce something wonderful. I think the worst thing a person can do is limit themselves to one set of ideas, to one field. There is so much out in the world, so much to learn and discover. To me, creativity is just using a jumble of other ideas and putting them together in new and different ways. Life would be much duller without all these things.
Have a good day!

The too-big sock

I'm knitting another too-big monkey sock but dad has graciously agreed to take them off my hands when I get done. I'm very slowly working on a shawl but I only like to knit on it when I'm awake and it's daylight out. Awake, meaning I'm not tired or hungry or depressed. It's coming along slowly but actually looks pretty. I'm not who will get it when I'm done. I started spinning some icelandic wool from the January Spunky Club. It's coarse and scratchy but very easy to spin and I like it. I need some ideas of something small I can knit it into. We'll see. I know there is homework waiting for me but I haven't felt like it at all this week. I feel like I have all these problems and all these ideas all jumbled in my head and I can't seem to sort anything out anymore. A long vacation would be nice.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


You'd think I could knit something that would actually fit me. Here I am, knitting something day after day and then I try it on and it's too big, or too small. I'm right here for goodness sake. I can try it on anytime, because, like I said, I'm right here. But no, I made one pair of socks for me that turned out to small (mom has them now), and I'm currently knitting a pair that is turning out too big. Since I've spent a lot of time, I don't want to frog them. Someone else will get them. Someday I will knit some socks for me. Someday, someday.