Tuesday, July 31, 2007


July has been quite a month. Perhaps I'll just take it a week at a time. The first week I spent a week in Pagosa Springs. My mother in law owns a time share and so we spent the week there with 3 brother in law's and 3 other kids besides mine. We left on a Saturday and spent a lot of time just sitting around. The condo was by a small lake so the kids were able to go fishing. On Sunday my sister in law and I took the 4 small kids swimming at the rec center. They got tired of the kiddie pool pretty quick and so we took them into the big pool. My kids were just going along the side holding on when the water got over their heads. Then I was holding my 3 year old nephew when I looked over and Kel, my youngest was flailing around in the water. I walked over as quickly as I could and held him up out of the water. It really scared him and so I had to comfort him quite a bit. He doesn't seem worse for the experience as he went swimming later on in the week.
Monday we had to come home and pay some bills. Fortunately it was only 70 miles away so that wasn't too bad.
Tuesday was the best day. I finished spinning my very first handspun singles. I plied them together and was able to wind the yarn around a chair and then set it in hot and cold water. I hung it outside to dry and it dried very quickly because of the heat. When it was dry, I got out my new bamboo needles to knit it up. I just did a small swatch and I really liked how it looked. Wednesday was the 4th of July and so we went to the parade there in town and about melted. It was pretty hot. Then that evening we went to a nice fireworks show.
The next day hubby was withdrawing badly and I had to drive him home to get something for his habit. It's been a trying time with that.
Friday was just a laze around day and then we came home on Saturday. I wish it had been more fun and relaxing but people tend to get on each other's nerves in that length of time. I missed a massage taking hubby home but that's ok. I don't think I had the money for that anyway. I think I need a vacation just a few days by myself and rest rest rest.
I've gotten my internet back so hopefully I'll be able to start posting pictures again from home.