Thursday, March 15, 2007


Remember the socks I was going to knit? I did knitted them. Most beautiful I would say except for running out of yarn at the very toe and so there is a different color blue spot right at the end. I don't think anyone will notice. I wore them all day yesterday and I love the feel of them. So right now I'm making myself work a bit on the 3 (count them), 3 scarves I have in progress before I dare cast on stitches for a pair of pink socks with a slightly different pattern. I'm liking this knitting thing so far.

Odd things from childhood

Last night at church, I thought about a couple of the odd things I remember from when I was a kid. It was just ignorance on my part but there was always a long prayer after the sermon. You stood for a long long time it seemed while all these big words were bandied about. So anyway, in the hymnbook (published about 1940), there was a prayer printed there. About half a page long, it said all the correct things, praying for important things. I was a very methodical kid and followed along every Sunday during the service. Only one problem. The pastor never said the prayer that was printed there. Never ever. I always looked to see. I always waited for it. I always followed along to that point. Now I realize it would have been incredibly boring to have the same prayer said every week. We would have had it memorized and been able to say it along with him. But, I wish he would have said it maybe once a year or so to keep me from thinking it had been a total waste to have it printed there.
The other thing is that I thought one song in the liturgy said "Ho-santa, ho-santa, ho-santa in the highest" When in actuality it said "Hosanna in the highest". I didn't really believe in Santa Claus but thought it a bit odd we would be singing about him in church. Beware, you never know what kinds of strange thoughts your kids are having.