Thursday, January 26, 2012

It doesn't have MUCH spam in it!

Here we go again with part 2 of the indeterminate part casserole cooking series.
The obligatory cookbook shot.

Today we are going with the Lazy Lady's Casserole. I'm curious to find out just how "lazy" the ladies were back in 1961.


Do you see what I see? Yes indeed. 12 oz can of luncheon meat. In other words, Spam. This was before spam meant junk mail in your email. This was before Monty Python. At this time, it just sounded funny. Nothing more. Well, something more. I've never eaten Spam in my life. Not sure why.


I took a little artistic license with the ingredients. I had onion left over from tacos the night before and I used Bisquick instead of biscuits in a can. So I wasn't truly lazy. Let's do those onions!

Yum yum.
Now that the onions are soft, let's throw in the beans and mustard and ketchup. Oh, my mouth is watering already.

While we are waiting for that to boil, let's slice up that Spam! It comes right out of the can with a lovely slurpy noise.
Slice that baby into 12 pieces. Easier said than done. There's no grain like meat usually has so my slices were a tad wavy. But hey! This is the 60s man! Groovy and all that!

This my friends, this is the magic sauce. Pineapple juice, brown sugar and mustard. True magic.

Now stir up them biscuits. Is it just me, or is this taking on a simply heavenly glow?

Pour the hot beans in the pan and carefully, carefully lay your Spam slices on top. Blurry pictures from my extreme hunger pains.

Artfully arrange your pineapple and blob some biscuits on top. The recipe said to bake the rest of the biscuits separately but I just blobbed them on there. The true spirit of lazy.

Bake 15-20 minutes and viola! The same thing except the biscuits are now baked.

Ahhhhhh Oooooooo. This was not bad. Kind of a sweet taste from the pineapple. The Spam was fine. I think I am far lazier than this though. Entirely too many items to prepare before assembling the casserole. Stir this, cook this, slice this, stir this. Too much too much.
It was fun while it lasted.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What if......

Son: So mom, what if, you know, just if, we go somewhere, you know, just if.... and if we have a laptop, you know, just if...... can we take it with us?
Me: Sure, and if, you know, just if we have some flying monkeys.....we can take them too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Odd, that

I dreamt I was getting married (to who, I don't know) and so went down to the office of the local accountant to pick out a wedding dress. He laid them all out on the lawn and he had a diamond encrusted 10 million dollar dress. It was partially burned and cut in places. He said it was his favorite. I was pondering whether my fiancee would think it was funny if I wore it when I woke up. I think I'll go back to Chuck Norris in my dreams.