Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well, both yesterday and today we woke up to snow. It's just not Easter without snow. Now it's raining so I'm sure every weed seed in my yard will jump out of the ground when it rains. Well not jump, but start growing. It seems like they jump out of the ground. Also, the lamp in my bedroom has stopped working unless you wiggle the cords a lot but I'm not in the mood to do that every time. Also, the glass shade covering my outside light in the front is suddenly on the ground in pieces. It must have just fallen.

But what you really are here for is this woman. Stout is not something you hear much anymore. And look! a whole style book just for you, you stout woman you. And that dress? It's only $3.98! That's just amazing from 1955. I meant to ask mom if that was cheap or expensive or what. But look at her! Do you think she is stout? I think her waist is smaller than mine. If anyone calls me stout, I'm going to smack them. I bet all the larger size people out there wish they were stout like her. I know I do.
Well, the rain is picking up and wind is blowing and I have a ton of homework to do so I better get cracking. Have a great week everyone!

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