Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Too many movies

I realize I watch too many movies. How do I know? When I'm watching the local news in the morning, if I don't catch what they say, I want to rewind. Then I realize I can't (no DVR). Maybe that will be the next thing I have to get.
On another note, I missed 3 whole weeks of my favorite show The Big Bang Theory. (priorities!) So this week I was ready. Made sure I didn't plan anything else, made sure I had dinner and everything arranged for maximum TV watching comfort. It's the only night of network TV I like so it's important. I turned on the TV at the correct time and oh! Basketball games. I'm sure it's great and all but I don't follow basketball so even if I watched I wouldn't know why or if it's exciting and they didn't let me watch my favorite show. 'Twas annoying but I guess I'll survive somehow.

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