Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have this theory about myself and it's proven true again. I really prefer to see a movie cold. I really don't want to know what it's about or what may happen. Surprise usually makes it better. There have been some movies that I can't handle and have turned off, but even some that are supposed to be scary, I've liked. I saw The Host over the weekend. I had seen a blog review a long time ago and so put it in my netflix queue and finally got around to it. So I had forgotten what it was about. It was a monster movie and it was wonderful. It was a Korean film but english was dubbed in but you don't even notice after a bit. I really liked that it was different than one you would see in the U.S. The monster wasn't the main focus and they didn't try to make the monster seem evil. I get tired of the anthropomorphizing that goes on with that genre. The creature just wanted to eat, and of course, people are easy targets. I'd recommend it. I think it showed how people are more evil. Very intense, very interesting and an unexpected ending.

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