Thursday, April 09, 2009

Call me Calamity Jane

Well, we didn't have class. Turns out the prof had a baby today. He didn't look pregnant at all. Anyway. I came home straight away to rest and relax and do some spinning or something. So I got one batch of stuff and brought it into the house and then went out to get the rest. When you have books and drawing stuff and clothes and trash from Arby's it takes two trips. I went out and got the mail too. Then came back tothe house which I hadn't locked or anything and the door wouldn't open. It's been hanging up a bit forthe last couple weeks but always had opened if you wiggled it a bit. Not this time. I wiggled and wiggled and nothing. Pretty annoying. Thank god Ihad brought my keys and phone back out with me and I had used the bathroom the first time I came in. So I called dad and he came over with a crowbar and hammer. He just lifted the door up a bit with the bar and it opened. Guess it was getting hung up on the latch. Since it's getting warmer again the walls are probably shifting, things move when the frost comes up. I had installed that doorknob not too long ago but I didn't do the new plate that goes on the frame because it had seemed to work fine with the old one. Dad looked at it and said the new one had a slightly bigger hole for the latch to go into so he quick put that one on. Now it seems to work. Pretty sad when your own house locks you out.

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