Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tater tots on parade

Sometimes when I think of a funny combination of words, I set up a blog post with that title and wait for inspiration of what to say. It's been a couple days since I put this one up and when I looked this morning it made me laugh again.
What's happening on the knitting front? No, I'm not knitting the front of anything. I am knitting Quelle Erqsome's lovely Masonic Lodge socks. I've actually managed to memorize the pattern. The heel flap gave me a bit of a problem when I first started it but it was due to my inability to read a pattern, nothing wrong with the pattern. Thinking inversely doesn't work too well with me. I think for the second sock I'll actually write out what I need to do right there. I'm using some yarn I got from a thrift store sweater I took apart. The sweater was pretty boring but I got about 5 pairs of socks worth of yarn from it. The sweater only cost me about $2.
I'm also knitting the lovely Sea and Shells Stole by Dee Bamford. It looks great but is taking forever to knit. I'm using Jaeggerspun laceweight yarn and it's wonderful. There are 34 repeats of 12 rows and I've done 8 repeats so don't expect me to be finishing this anytime soon.
My other little project has been to design a hat. I've done some swatches and now I've ordered the yarn and needles I want to use so keep an eye here for that pattern in the near future. It's my first try at designing something and I've enjoyed the process a lot.
I've finished spinning a beautiful batt from Butterflygirl designs. It was a short staple length and slippery so I had a hard time and had to pay attention or it would just slip away from me. The color was called Tequila Sunrise and it really did look like the drink. I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet. I might just leave it as a single for now.
Sorry I have no pictures. I haven't managed to win a camera yet from Pioneer Woman. If everyone else would quit entering her contests, maybe I'd have a better chance. Grin.
Have a great day!

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