Friday, July 25, 2008

More finishing

I finished the dishcloth (terribly difficult, I know) and I finished my own hat design and got it knitted up. I'm rather proud of it. I think I have someone test knitting it for me. Hopefully a couple someones. I'm afraid designing knitting is addictive. After the hat, that left me with only 2 things I was working on. Masonic lodge socks and the stole. So one night this week I was perusing a knitting stitches book again and POW. I had to start another hat. I think this one will be simpler but I'm using my handspun so you know it will be pretty. I think as my knitting skills improve, my designs will get more complicated. I just envision that someone will follow my path from beginning knitter to more accomplished knitter and have designs to try along the way.
I'm spinning some beautiful black merino wool top. It's 8 ounces worth, the most I've bought at one time. It's Louet and I bought it at Purls of Wisdom. Forgive me if I'm repeating myself, I'm too lazy to go back and look at my previous posts. This will be Masonic Lodge socks too I'm thinking. Hopefully 2 pair.
I also saw this tutorial and I really love the yarn colors. I need to take a class or something on combining colors. Other people can think of combinations I would never dream of.
Have a great weekend!

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