Thursday, January 24, 2008


As you can see from some of the blogs I read, I'm into being environmentally conscious. I found this picture over at No Impact Man. I went to a budget type meeting where I work today and realized how far away I'm getting from that kind of mentality. Worrying about budgets and state funding and politics and such. I'm really looking for a better way to do things. From the graph, obviously people aren't getting any happier from all their increased wealth. So me thinking that money will make me happier is definitely a wrong way to be thinking about things. This year I'm trying to consciously think about what I do and if it's what I really want to do, or if I'm doing it because of some set of "rules" I have in my head from the 1980s "telling" me I want to have a certain kind of life because "that's what you are supposed to do". Those rules haven't been working out for me so it's time to do something different.

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