Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Strange Days

Make no mistake, it's cold out there. 10 degrees F or less all day. We woke up to snow, now there is a little breeze so when it's snowing, the snow hits you right in the face no matter what direction you are going and if it's not snowing at the moment, the wind pretty much hits you in the face any direction you are going. It's cold out there. A walk across campus to a meeting and back pretty much confirmed the snow and cold in your face. Then, getting a ride to the grocery store because of the aforementioned cold and walking back in yet a different direction with the wind in your face making you cold. Then you feel the cold. At the grocery store, picking up something for lunch and pausing..... frozen food section...... Ben and Jerry's ice cream..... Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. It's only a $1. I had some last summer and it was wonderful. Picking it up and buying it to eat for dessert. Oh yum.
Oh, did I mention it's cold out there?

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