Monday, January 28, 2008

More hats and hats and hats

I finished up a hat for charity knitting and also finished up another bright rainbow hat for my other son. In doing that I realized that I've knit 5 hats this year already. Either they are fast and easy or I've been knitting way more than I usually do. Someday I will have a camera again and can take pictures. 4 of the hats were the same pattern mostly, just a basic stockinette stitch and then decreasing at the top. All my boys (even the big one) are now wearing their hats all the time. I'm hoping to do one more for charity and I want to finish a second sock for my mom pretty quickly now. Hmmm, I should be reading my homework too but the book is beyond dull even though I like the subject matter. Well, I wanted to go to school again so I better buckle down I guess.

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