Monday, January 07, 2008

New stuff

Well, here's my list for finished knitting/spinning things for 2007. (peer pressure to make a list, it is)

3 pairs socks
3 scarves (1 made with handspun)
1 hat (made with handspun)
1 headband

I'm halfway through another pair of sock and halfway through another headband(that I'm rapidly growing tired of knitting) and I started a hat yesterday because I wanted a hat. Not too bad a total for me considering everything else I do too.
I got great yarn for Christmas. 2 skeins of silk/wool and 2 skeins of Regia sock yarn. I don't have the first one in front of me so I can't conjure up the brand off the top of my head. The silk/wool I'm thinking of making into a scarf as soon as I get some Addi circular needles. The sock yarn I've decided today to try the Monkey socks.
I'm halfway through spinning some fiber from Spunky. The merino/bamboo colorway "Vineyard" and the superwash merino colorway "Amaryllis". I'm hoping hoping that I will get to order the fiber of the month again this month. I'm waiting to see how much I get back on my loans for classes this semester. I'm taking two classes and need books but I'm hoping to get at least $15 for new fiber. Oh, and $20 for a new spindle. My other one has developed a crack. Well, not developed. Ummm, kind of jammed between my leg and a doorway. My leg now has a bruise, the spindle has a massive crack in the shaft and the doorway has no damage to show. The spindle still spins, albeit heavier and kind of wobbly. But I'm *such* an experienced spinner it shouldn' Yeah, we'll see.

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