Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Cold

That title should be in capital letters. It seems these days we are having a week of warm, a week of cold. It always seems like odd weather but I imagine it's the same every year. Although this May we've had snow the latest I ever remember. I've lived here just over 40 years. Once when I was in college we had about 10 inches of snow on the 15th of May. Well, yesterday it was snowing as I went home and it was the 23rd of May. Pretty much just a dusting but it was cold and blowing and nasty. Today at work everyone has sweaters on. This weekend is supposed to be better. In the meantime I'm drinking hot tea and had quite a bit of hot coffee this morning. I've also developed a notsonice sore throat and starting to be a bit sniffly. It was inevitable I suppose. A coworker is threatening to call in well tomorrow because everyone else is sick. A clever one he is.
My boys are having fun today, tomorrow being their last day of school. One went to a wildlife park and the other is having a picnic at a different park. I envy them getting to do fun things.
I worked on the sock for my niece last night, starting the toe. I got once around and realized that I had the wrong number of stitches. But having frogged the whole thing once already, I was in no mood to try to fix it. Especially since I don't know how. I read blogs of how people can take knitting apart and fix small problems but I have no clue how to do it. I also noticed that I dropped a stitch at one point but it just makes a tiny hole. Someday I will learn how to read the knitting like I can crochet. Crochet still seems so much easier to me. But I've had way more practice at it. I like both.
I'm wanting to go to a fiber festival this weekend not too far away. But I think a lack of funds and lack of support from hubby are going to nix that, just like everything I want to do that's fun seems to get nixed. I need to work on that.
You know, I think I made the tea just so I could hold the cup. *smile*

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