Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More about scarves

The scarves are being knit from Lion Brand Wool-ease. For some reason the darker gray seems softer and easier to knit. Maybe a little less acrylic in it. I also want to finish the dark gray one first because I want those needles to start another scarf. The new scarf is a Lion brand pattern called the road scarf. It looks to have squares of different patterns so I'm anxious to try it out and learn some new things about knitting. But since I don't yet dare to take off a knitting in progress, I'll have to finish it. Anticipation. And thoughts of buying more needles. Foolishly I had once thought that one pair of each size would be more than enough for me forever. How young and silly I was. I'd like to get bamboo needles too. And learn to spin too. And I need a job that makes me a heck a lot more money to get all these things.
The pink socks are waiting. My method of knitting so far consists of making something and then seeing who it fits. So I've decided to give these to my lovely niece. So I've emailed my sister to find out how big said niece's feet are so that I can at least attempt to make the socks a similar size. Probably I'll be all proud of them and she will never wear them. I'd love to get some sock yarn like I've seen on the internet. Join a sock club or fiber club or knitting guild or spinning guild or something like that. I probably wouldn't stay part of it forever but I love learning how to do new things. Life is too short to not try everything that looks interesting.

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