Thursday, May 10, 2007

More knitting

Someday I'll figure out how to post pictures in here but until then, I'm knitting pink socks at the moment, I had knit the heel but then screwed it up so I ended up pulling it all out and starting over. I've read there are people who can pull it out to a certain point and fix things. I'm not one of those people yet. I did actually knit a lot more on the scarves than I had planned but they are evidently being knitted with the endless balls of yarn because they never seem to get smaller. Originally I had crocheted a poncho with Lion brand gray and dark gray and a variegated red heart yarn but it didn't turn out very good and I knew I wouldn't wear it so I pulled it out and started making 3 scarves instead. They are going along well and since the yarn balls are endless, I should have plenty of yarn.
Anyway, it's cold yet inside even though it's a balmy 70 outside. I'm really tired of being cold and I want some sugar. Last night I did plan ahead by buying poptarts to bring to work with me. But it seems I've neglected to bring some with me. I could go buy some across the street but that just seems wrong.
I'm trying to decide what to do this weekend for mother's day. I've crocheted a nice little bookmark for my mother and it was so easy I think I'll do another one as well. My mother in law might even get one. I can't decide whether to do some work at home or take my youngest son somewhere. His brother gets to go out of town and so he is already doing something special. He would love just to go to Burger King or something. Maybe a visit to the park to eat and play. We'll see

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