Friday, March 20, 2009

Spider is winning

I hate spiders. All those legs that seem to move independently. (excuse me while I shudder) Well a spider has been living in the corner of my bathroom. Since it creeps me out to kill them, I let him be. Just stay in your corner and I will be fine. But this morning it happened. I was taking a shower and happened to look up and there he was. Will someone please tell me why they are attracted to showers? Not only that, when you see them in the shower, they invariably start walking toward the wet part of the wall. Where they invariably will slip and...and... fall! Ack! Then they are around your feet which isn't good at all. That's why, this morning, I'm in the shower, waiting to rinse my hair.... yelling at the spider. "Stupid! Stay away from the wet wall! Don't come toward me! Why, oh why didn't you stay in the corner?!"
I don't think he was listening.


Celeste said...

They never do

Lori said...

Thank you for visiting me and your kind words. Time will tell for me the outcome of this daily ordeal! I know in my heart I will be the one coming out a winner! Know, I LOVE the kitties are they yours? Your posts are so original and cute! Get this spiders do not phase me at all, however I am terrified or worms and snakes! I can't go outside at night when it rains, UGH!!! Please visit again your so very sweet! Lori