Friday, March 27, 2009


I think a little wrap up of projects would now be in order. I finished a little woven coaster made on a little picture frame loom I made. I used thrift store recycled cotton and linen yarn. I either put my cell phone on it to keep it from getting scratched or use it as a coaster. I think I will be make more to use the different colors of yarn that I have.
I finished the socks I had been knitting since November. They were also thrift store sweater wool yarn. This is the 3rd pair of socks I've made from that sweater. I'm sure I have enough for one more pair at least. They were driving me nuts though, they never seemed to get bigger.
I knit two bags for a KAL I was participating in. I used sugar and cream yarn in peppercorn colorway. They are really nice. Only took a week each to make.
I did a little spinning on a trip I had to take last week so that was good. I'm spinning on a spindle again because I can make the yarn a lot thinner. I'm still not great with the wheel.
I even picked up the shawl I've been knitting for a year and did a few rows. Maybe I can do more over the weekend.
I got some new yarn last week for socks so I've been trying to pick out a pattern that would work well. The colors are amazing so I don't need anything fancy to make them look good.
I also started working again on a blanket for my bed. It's the Babette pattern but I'm not using a gazillion colors like the pattern calls for. Just 4. I'm liking it a lot.
Have a great weekend!

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