Thursday, January 29, 2009

To do

The to-do lists in my head are always a mile long. (maybe that's why I get so many headaches, my brain is full hmmmmmm) I'm feeling spring in the air already even though it's still the same cold outside so gardening is starting to feel like something I want to do. The house I'm living in now was neglected for 10 years so the yard is way overgrown. I have a lot of work just to clean it up and trim things. But I want a garden. The owners many years ago had a fabulous garden (I'm told) and so I should be able to at least manage a mediocre garden. Maybe a few flowers around the house but not too much. There is no grass to speak of but you never know what may come up if you clear out a few things. I'm looking forward to doing my own thing and making my own decisions about what to plant. Weeding is my weak spot and so I'm trying to figure out a way to minimize this. I can't wait to order seeds. Fun times. Do you have a garden?

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