Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I was prepared to be happy

I left the house in great anticipation this morning. Revving the engine and ready to go in the -1F temps. Yeah, today it would happen. I drove down 4th avenue to pick up the kids and take them to school. Back to the school and dropping them off. Then the action begins. I pull out of the turnaround and roar down 2nd. The light is green and I turn left down Broadway. The light is green again and I turn down 1st. Two blocks later the light is green again and I turn on Park Ave. Cruising to Grand ave I turn again and head past the other school. Once again the light is green and I'm able to go all out on the road to work. Humming to myself, happy thoughts in my mind when I get near Walmart. The green light beckons me and I wave merrily as I pass it by. As I pass McDonalds I wink at the green light there. A mile later, there it is, the last stop light I have to pass on my morning journey. I've almost made it, I've almost conquered the drive. This stoplight is fairly new and was needed. As I approach, I smile confidently, knowing that life is good, life is correct and today is my day. I look up and there it is, a red light. I have to stop as even the guy in front of me is stopping and not deciding to run it. This is my life.

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