Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wish it was Friday

I'm feeling restless today. Working a little, playing on the internet a little. Ice cream later today.
I'm knitting the shawl from hell. Seems like an easy pattern. Yarn is soft and nice. So I don't know what it is, yarn, cheap needles or the pattern or just me. It's really hard to work on. I'm hoping that when I get a few more rows done it will give a little more and not hurt my hands. If it doesn't I might rip it out and try a different yarn. And, the needles are cheap ones I bought many years ago and have never really used. Sigh. The yarn is so pretty, one of my previous posts has the picture.
Well, my learning to spin has been great. Just a drop spindle but I really love it and now I want more and more time to do it. I showed one of my boys how and now I'm having to get him a drop spindle because we fight over mine. I guess that's good. I want my boys to try everything they want regardless if it's supposed to be a "girl" thing or not. I've never taught anyone to knit so they kind of want to learn but I'm not very patient as I'm not too great at it yet either. I have some old workbasket magazines that have a series of 'teaching a child to knit'. I really liked it because it helped me to knit a few things. It seems there are very few really easy 'beginner' patterns out there for me to find. Or maybe I haven't looked enough. That is always a possibility.
I found out there will be a fiber festival in my small town of Monte Vista. First one ever. It just seems such a coincidence that this year I get interested in these things and suddenly fiber is all around me. Maybe next year I could have a booth or something. I'll have to remember that. I am wanting to volunteer for this one and since I just met the organizers, I would have a good chance of helping them. Volunteer work always seems to be welcome.

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