Thursday, June 14, 2007


I'm not a temp but I'm starting to feel like one. Normally I work one job in the morning and another in the afternoon at 2 two different desks. But last week I helped in the mail room and this week I'm helping in the graduate office. Stuffing my head with even more information. Pretty soon I should be able to do everything at the college. Just think of the savings that would be in salaries! At least it is warmer up here. And I'm completely alone in this office for the morning. It's kind of nice.
Not much new knitting to report. I've gotten to the toe on the second pink sock but I like to do that all in one whack so I don't goof it up. So I brought a different sock to work on today. The first official sock yarn sock. It's coming out very nicely.
I haven't worked on the shawl past the one row I've done. With so many stitches it takes forever to do. And of course the scarves are languishing. I'm supposed to take a vacation in a couple weeks so I'll take it all with me and perhaps actually work on some of it. The other people going on this vacation (brother in law's family, mother in law) may have other plans. My plans are to rest and relax and go on slow walks and eat some nice food occasionally. My mother in law owns a time-share and found a place fairly close we could go for a week. Our budget has nothing in it for vacations so this is good. I'm thinking perhaps I could look for a yarn or wool store on one of these slow walks as well. I hope there is a pool, my kids will love that.
I haven't done anything with the wool I won yet. I have a free spinning lesson coming to me but I've had the stomach flu and I didn't want to associate learning to spin with the stomach flu. That didn't seem right. Perhaps I'll see if she could show me tomorrow or over the weekend. That would be another thing I could take on vacation.
Sorry no pictures today, what I need to do is take some pictures, send them to myself here at work and then post them. I tend to not blog at home much, too much going on all the time.
My boys are on two different baseball teams which means games every night and sometimes (like tonight) two games at two different places in two different towns even. And they are at the same time. Who thought this was a good idea? My oldest got two hits last night but got out both times. But he's getting better. He's mad they caught the balls but I told him that's how the game works. Kids always want things to go just their way.
The weather here today is supposed to be 79F so i will be walking at lunch, and not just to get something to eat. Summer is here again for a couple days maybe. Until it rains again.
See ya!

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