Friday, October 23, 2009


I was given a turkey the other day, and since it was thawing out, I decided to cook it. I roasted it nicely. It came out beautifully. Arguably the best turkey I've ever cooked. It just fell apart as I was lifting it out of the roaster. So far, so good. So every day I tell my friend Karie, "guess what I have for lunch? Turkey!" She caught on after a couple days and knew the answer ahead of time. Smart girl. So yesterday I start the drill. Pull the pan with the turkey out of the fridge to carve off a few hunks and take them for lunch. As I'm lifting out one end of the pan, the other end just jumps out of the fridge, landing on the floor. I guess it was looking to escape. Unfortunately, the turkey was in pieces already and just scattered all over the kitchen floor. After herding the cats into the other room and shutting the door, I picked up the least dirty looking pieces and washed them off and took them for lunch. I believe the outside cats will be getting the rest.

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