Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The computer sits on the desk, the computer is off. Nighttime, resting time. A nice handmade dust cover over the computer monitor. All is quiet. Then I hear it, the tap tap tap on the keys. I glance over and see the cat on the keyboard. To the untutored eye, it seems like he is just turning around, trying to get comfortable for a nap. But what he's really doing is typing. Typing what? you say. It has to be the kitty manifesto. The statement of intent for kitties everywhere. Their reason for being and what they intend to accomplish. For you did not know that kitties are blessed with intelligent reasoning, emotions and the wisdom to think and ponder their actions. And so, he was writing it all down, making it known to all. The kitty manifesto. And then, I fell asleep.

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Sammie said...

Well, It would be kind of cool if they could REALLY leave you a message like that! I'd love to know what is on my minds of my cats sometimes.