Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I dreamt of fish the other night. Now, I don't like fish, I don't like to fish. Just not a fishy person all the way around. So I'm dreaming that I come home after a trip. (except it isn't my house) I go in the house and see a very big fish tank with fish in it. (I don't have fish) I think "wow, I hadn't seen that before I bet they are hungry" I go to look and there is a blue fish and a yellow fish. (looking suspiciously like fish from Finding Nemo) As I get closer, they leap out of the tank. My husband grabs one and puts him back and I finally corner the other one who is trying to bite a chunk out of a 2x4 and get him back. Weird. Then I'm at work, walking past a sink and I see two big fish in the sink. Red fish. I think that someone just caught them and are about to clean them. As I walk by, one red fish just leaps out of the sink at me. So I put my hand out to ward him off and yell. Well, it woke me up and woke up my son and he asked why I yelled. I said, 'well, there was this fish...."

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Celeste said...

What's that supposed to mean? Those fish seemed pretty insistent. Hope you figure that out.