Thursday, September 10, 2009


Such a lovely apple. One of the lovely apples we rescued from the fruit stand in New Mexico. (They were just going to sell it to someone else, I know it!) I took this picture just now because the apple looks just like an apple should look. It's the apple leaf that does it. Just like a painting done by someone other than me. Perfecto.
Anyway, the trip was lovely in other respects as well. Other than the steep dirt road down into the gorge, it was most pleasant. I stopped in Taos and bought yarn. (yes, more yarn) I ate a nice lunch and had interesting conversations with my parents. They are my kind of people, which is good, because I'm related to them.
The Rio Grande Gorge is pretty spectacular, especially because you can't really see it until you are nearly on top of it. Then it goes down down down.
Makes your stomach feel a little strange to look down that far. That's the Rio Grande far below. I wish you could see the scale. Later on that day we went to see where the gorge starts farther upstream. It looks as if the water may have carved this but that isn't true. According to geologists, this is a rift. The river is just flowing at the lowest spot. We live in a rift valley just like the rift vally in Africa. Just not as spread apart as there. But some day in the far far future, there may be an ocean here. I'll let you know. ;) At the start of the gorge it's more tame and not so scary deep. It's picturesque. Or as dad would say, pictureskew.And the apple? It has gone to a better place.

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