Friday, June 06, 2008

It's Friday in blogland

Random Friday (I make up my own titles, can't you tell?)

Burritos at the convenience store across the street are all buy one get one free today. Which is good because suddenly they are smaller than they used to be. A sad state of affairs to be sure. (They are actually handmade and not prepackaged so the dreaded convenience-store-burrito-blues do not strike with these. I like them)

Sweet Child o Mine. nuff said

Frosted cherry poptarts are delish this time of day. (looks like I better get to eating)

I suddenly have ideas and thoughts bouncing around in my head, socks to knit, fiber to spin, and sewing. I actually want to sew. I'm sure that once I get going, that notion(ha ha) will fly away as soon as I sew something crappy. The truth is it annoys me to sew badly but the only way to fix that is to sew more which I don't want to do because I sew badly. But a sock bag wouldn't be too difficult now, would it?

Happiness is a warm puppy.

The girl that works up in a different office looks enough like my sister in law to be sisters. I should ask if they are related. I really should.

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