Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Well, I'm nearly finished with the sock that will match the sock with a hole in it. The second sock has a tiny hole so maybe if I knit about 10 more of these socks, the hole will eventually disappear. I'm knitting these with Socks that Rock mediumweight the Mudslide colorway. I love the yarn so it wasn't much of chore to reknit the second sock. I've also started some monkey socks with Regia sock yarn my sis bought me for Christmas. The pattern really isn't too hard and it's going pretty well. I tried to start a stole with my fancy Jaeger yarn but after 3 rows I already had 10 extra stitches so I pulled that out to retry it some other time. The pattern isn't too hard but I've never knit with such fine yarn and so I better really pay attention.
The real news is my Ashford spinning wheel is wonderful. I spun 4 ounces of Spunky club fiber from November. The yarn came out very nice and I'd like to make some mittens but I'm still looking for an easy pattern. Now, spinning time is battling with my homework time.
This Friday I'm singing a small solo in a Good Friday musical presentation at church so I've been practicing that every night now. I'll be nervous but it should go well.

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