Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My exciting life

Last night I went to turn on the bathroom light for my son and looked up and noticed a small bump on top of the door frame. I looked at it moment then took a closer look. Hmmm, some sort of bug. I wonder how long it's been up there? Has it been up there for months and I just noticed it? Is it still alive? (reminds me of a weird song, is it alive, does it thrive, can it survive under the sun, I can't put my finger on it)
So finally I kind of bat it with a newspaper and it falls. And crawls. Well, it's a new bug after all. I'm afraid it's a stink bug so I don't want to step on it. I try to scoop it up and it runs (well, crawls) under a toy car that is on the floor. When I move the car I realize it has crawled into the car. Wanting to escape faster I imagine. So I took the car and set it outside. The bug can now go cruising in comfort.

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