Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Going along

Let this meeting now come to order. Any old business?
Socks from Knit Socks book. Completed and saved for Christmas gift, maybe.
Babette blanket, still working on it. It's looking good and will be nice if I ever get a couch.
The stole is where it was last time I mentioned it.
Road scarf, I'm still waiting to go to a real yarn store to get more Noro.
I've finished plying the wool and I've found a pattern to make a pillow cover so I think that will work nicely.
OK then, any new business?
I moved, more on that later.
I now have 3 kittens, more on that later.
I've knitted one pair of baby socks and am working another pair. No, I'm not pregnant.
I've also been spinning a bit.

I motion we adjourn.

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