Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday, Monday

Well, it looks as if I'm only going to get one charity hat done. (I know, I can knit them anytime to give) I could probably get another one done if I continued to forego studying for a test I have this week (not wise seeing as I didn't do too well on the one last week) But as of this moment, I have forthwith decided to actually study every night until the test. Really, I will.
I did finish a pair of socks for my mom last night. If I can remember, I will give them to her tonight. I was making them for myself, but when I got the toe finished, turns out they were too small for me. They were made from some recycled sweater yarn I got from a thrift store. The man's size sweater yielded enough yarn for about 6 pairs of socks I think. So I promptly cast on another pair for me (I hope).
I'm working on a scarf for me to match my lovely hat. It's an easy easy pattern so it should be done soon. Crazy Aunt Purl is right about the bigger size needles making it drape better. I'm doing mine on size 13s. Kind of odd switching from size 2 for the socks to size 13 for a scarf.
My carpool partner was listening to my baby alpaca yarn woes and hinted (strongly) that she'd like some socks made from the baby alpaca and that my woes would be over if I would just do that. So, I guess I'll look for a good worsted weight sock pattern. Easy would be good too.

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